Arsenal – Season Preview 2009/10:

This is a crucial season for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger and the pressure is definitely on them to achieve something this season and win a major trophy. The absence of a major trophy in recent years is becoming a big cause for concern for the Arsenal Board and fans.

There can be no denying the impact that Arsene Wenger has had on Arsenal and football in England as a whole during his time at Arsenal, but the pressure is mounting on Wenger to win something and that is something that must be faced this season.

Arsenal are a very talented side and with the exciting combination of Cesc Fabregas, Andrei Arshavin and Robin Van Persie they possess a trio of high class players capable of helping Arsenal to achieve success but the real question remains how strong is the Arsenal squad because a weak squad has been their main failing for the past few seasons.

Arsenal will be looking to add a few names to their squad which will not doubt help but doubts remain on Arsenal actually having enough quality and enough strength in depth to cope over the course of a demanding season and that places major pressure on their capability of actually competing for the major trophies.

The sale of both Emanuel Adebayor and Kolo Toure has further weakened the Arsenal squad and while Arsene Wenger remains confident in the ability and potential of the young talent at his disposal, the reality is the Arsenal squad looks short of enough proven quality and experience which means Arsenal do face an immense challenge to remain part of the Big 4 never mind actually holding thoughts of winning the Premier League.

Arsenal’s top class passing football will provide sublime visual entertainment, excitement and enough quality that should help them to win enough games to again secure 4th place.

To ensure 4th place Arsenal do have to find a way to combine their willingness to entertain with a willingness to fight on both a physical and mental level because that is where they have fallen short in recent years and that will be their key test again this season.


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