Manchester City – Season Preview 2009/10:

Football is such a great sport because it never stops surprising you and who would have thought it possible that Manchester City would become the richest club in world football and have high profile players throughout that world knocking at their door, desperate to be a part of that.

Of course, the fact that Manchester City are now rich beyond meaning and that they can attempt to buy anybody is very exciting for everybody connected to the club but all the money in the world does not guarantee anything in football and the facts are Manchester City have to prove the value of their wealth by performing on the pitch and competing successfully with the very best.

The summer signings of Roque Santa Cruz, Carlos Tevez, Emanuel Adebayor, Kolo Toure and Gareth Barry are fine examples of that and there will doubtless be a few more big transfers on the way before the season starts.

Mark Hughes is putting together a very good team on paper and certainly one that has the potential to be succeed but you do have to wonder how will Mark Hughes be able to keep all the players happy when they are not playing.

The classic example of this is in the striking department where, with Robinho, Bellamy, Santa Cruz, Tevez and Adebayor all in the mix, there will always beat least 2 big name, big money players on the bench every single game and that is certain to cause friction given the egos involved.

The key for Mark Hughes will be achieving a settled formation, team pattern and most importantly a solid team spirit as this was lacking last season, and also to see how the team handle the pressure and expectancy that comes with the money.

To make Manchester City successful, Mark Hughes has to make his team defensively solid and hard to beat and that looks certain to be his biggest challenge of all given the apparent lack of balance within the squad that boasts tremendous quality in abundance in the attacking areas but lacks quality and depth in the midfield and defensive areas.

Given the strength of the Manchester City squad then you have to believe they will be far stronger this season and clearly Manchester City have the real potential to be a top class side in time and it is quite possible that another couple of major signings could take them even closer, but that will all depend on how everybody connected to Manchester City copes with the undoubted levels of pressure they are now under.

Manchester City are the richest club in the world and they want to be the most successful club in the world but the incredible levels of finance automatically bring even greater levels of expectancy and pressure and that could prove to be the most telling factor as this could well suffocate them. We just don’t see the investment paying off this season in the desired way.


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