QPR v Arsenal–the stats

QPR v Arsenal (3.00 Saturday)

Number of Premier League games at QPR: 4

QPR wins: 1

Drawn games: 3

Arsenal wins: 0

Goal difference: 5-3


QPR win: 1

Drawn game: 0

Arsenal: N/A

Doubles achieved over their rivals:

QPR: 1—-Arsenal: 0

Current home league record (QPR): 3-5-7 (17-24)

Current away league record (Arsenal): 7-2-6 (27-27)

Last six league games:

QPR: 1-1-4 (8-12)

Arsenal: 6-0-0 (15-5)

Next league opponents:

QPR: Away at Manchester United

Arsenal: Home to Manchester City

QPR: Points gained in the first half of games this season: 33/90 (16-24)–Rank: 15

And in the second half: 26/90 (17-29)–Rank: 20

Arsenal: Points gained in the first half of games this season: 44/90 (26-18)–Rank: 6
And in the second half: 54/90 (35-21)–Rank: 3

Clean Sheets this season:

QPR: 4—-Arsenal: 10

Failed to score this season:

QPR: 9—-Arsenal: 4

Scored the first goal of the game:

QPR: 10 (won: 4–drew: 3–lost: 3)

Arsenal: 16 (won: 12–drew: 1–lost: 3)

Conceded the first goal:

QPR: 19 (won: 2–drew: 3–lost: 14)

Arsenal: 12 (won: 6–drew: 1–lost: 5)

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